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Prindo devices aims to link the world and be a solid bridge between good Chinese factories and customers worldwide. We have very good relationshops with many top Chinese factories. Any help needed, please feel free to contact us.

About Us​

We started this business due to customers’ needs. The founder of the company has more than 15 years experience in international business and made some very good friends, who have business in China for years. At the very beginning, we just do a friend help and later we found that many other customers also have this kind of needs, like sourcing new products for new projects, taking care of shipments, handling documents. Besides, some big customers don’t want to disclose their suppliers information to their competitors through customs data, then they need agent company to help them finish the transation. 

Meanwhile, there are some top factories, like original IC companies, E-capacitor companies, LED manufacturers and so on, that don’t have Overseas Sales department and they cannot speak English. So, in this situation, Prindo Devices becomes the bridge to link Chinese suppliers and customers worldwide.

So far, Prindo Devices has supported customers from India, UAE, Saudi Arabic, Germany, Australia. We are looking forward to working with more and more customers and growing business together.

Our Mission

China is a huge factory in the world, with multiple options. Almost anything you need, you can always find a supplier here with the help of us. Why do you need us? There are many excellent Chinese factories mainly focusing on domestic market as China is a super-huge market itself in the world too. Many good suppliers don’t have international sales people and they can only speak Chinese. Besides, some suppliers don’t want to do transations with foreigners. Hence, with the help of us, the business can go smoothly.

At the same time, some customers don’t want their competitors know where they are buying and who they are doing business with. So, with our help, customers can keep their business secret safely.

Our mission is to link factories to overseas customers and help each other find good matches and take care of the business of both sides.

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We will take care of your business and always reponse fast for the benefit of you. Thanks for the trust and support from our customers and our team members, now we are supporting many projects from lighting business to new energy projects and home appliance. 

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